Head: HACKS figure (thanks dusty79)
Vest: MTF 86 with add ons
Arms: 50th Snake Eyes
Legs: Retaliation Firefly/City Strike Snake Eyes

From the desk of bucky:
Mercer at first proved to be a difficult build. I knew I wanted the head seen, but the rest kept going in a million different directions, as I kept making builds I just was not happy with. Once I had the new 86 vest from MTF, I felt a lot better about the figure as a whole and it came together a lot better.

PHXCustoms (bucky, Dusty79, Oreobuilder and more recently DanoftheDead) have presented our little Joe-verse that we call GI Joe: Resurgence. Since 2014, it has grown in scope to include not only custom figures and vehicles, but packaging mock-ups, artwork (thanks Sam!) and story lines recounted through the file cards. In 2016, we concluded our first trilogy with a massive battle at Cobra Mountain that saw Cobra Commander defeated and most of Cobra captured and fractured.

Our previous Resurgence chapters have been structured around a mock product line. This time, we changed things up. We thought it would be fun to give the Club a nod by building this project around a mock convention. Redemption will show off what we came up with for a main 15 figure convention box set, 2-pack, 3-pack, parachute figure and even a special members exclusive 3-pack.
Welcome to GI Joe: Redemption!

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