Head: Corps Space guy
Torso: '92 Flak Viper
Arms: '89 Dee-Jay
Waist: '91 Cobra Commander
Legs: '86 Mindbender

Iron Grenadiers wasn't a subset I gave much thought about as a kid. For the most part the Undertow and TARGAT figures, which I love, are usually just grouped in with my regular Cobra's. It wasn't until getting the Con set with the Iron Anvils that I decided to take the organization a little more seriously, and build it up. A few years ago I repurposed a bunch of Cobra La Royal Guard figures as Iron CLAWs and I wanted to add more characters. I see him fitting in with the '89 era figures in terms of look and accessories.

Iron Sight is an attempt to add a new individual character to my Iron Grenadier ranks. He's an expert marksman, which is a cool niche that needed filled anyway.

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