Head: '88 Hydro Viper
Torso: '89 Countdown
Arms: '90 Night Creeper
Waist: '94 Shipwreck
Legs: '94 Shipwreck

Cobra Interceptor was designed as the driver of the Cobra Night Landing raft. Despite using anachronistic parts, I wanted a look that would fit in well with the '85 series of characters.

He's a former Eel that has made a name for himself as being one of the sneakiest of all Cobra's, He can easily slip into the most fortified Joe base. His uniform is made of a radar absorbent material and is undetectable to thermal vision. Though he is the driver of the Night Landing Raft, its when he hits the beachhead that he really shows off his expertise.
The figure itself is equipped with a removable SCUBA mask, flippers, knife, spear gun, and sub-machine gun with removable silencer.

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