Head: NS Slice w/NS Ace helmet
Chest/back: ARAH Wild Weasel
Arms, waist, legs: ARAH Windmill


Cobra's Liquidator jet, based on the Saab Draken, came towards the end of the ARAH line and did not come with a pilot figure. This figure fixes that. Made up from pilot figures, plus a Slice head, the parts create a generic flight suit. Keeping with the black jet, the colors are mostly dark with a few color pops of red and gold.

Like Wild Weasel, this is a "named" character, but the uniform could be the one worn by all Liquidator pilots.

Sculpting & Modifying:

The oxygen mask was cut from the helmet to show the lower portion of the face. The helmet glued is to the head. The neck was epoxy sculpted to better match ARAH parts.

Thanks for looking.

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