Head: '92 Mutt
Torso: '92 Shockwave
Arms: '84 Mutt
Waist: '92 Shockwave
Legs: '91 Psyche-Out

Mutt as a character has really grown on me over the years. I was never much of a fan as a kid, but he's slowly become much more prolific in my little Joe Universe.

This custom is kitbash of sorts using some already existing customs that I wasn't necessarily thrilled about. One was Mutt figure dressed in brown inspired by his comic appearance. I had wanted an all brown version of the character for a long time and when I finally had him in hand there was something about the design or the colors that left me cold. He had a place in my collection for a short period of time but ended up scrapped. The lower half of that figure was repurposed here, with the only additional paint addition being the green on the boots. As for the top half of this figure, I took the torso from my Battle Rangers Barrel Roll, another custom I was less than happy with. I had already painted the torso green which coincidentally matched the original Mutt arms. That seems like a relatively long description for a custom that didn't really require any new paint apps. the end result though has been a Mutt figure I am completely satisfied with and happy to have as an addition to my collection.

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