Head: '88 Windmill
Torso: '88 Windmill
Arms: '88 Windmill
Waist: Unknown
Legs: '88 Destro

The Skystorm is an odd but incredibly fun little vehicle, I was always a fan of it as a kid and really like it pilot Windmill. The figure is a great mold, but the orange pants are really distracting. He's one of those figures that a little repaint can make a world of difference.

I didn't want to go with a straight up repaint and wanted to actually do as little painting as possible, so I decided to swap out the lower half for the that of the IG Destro, I went a little further actually altered the lower legs of the figure so they matched.

the only painting on this figure was the shirt and some of the details on the helmet. The end result is somewhat of a LBC, but big difference over the original.

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