Head - Wet-Suit v3
Arms - Beach Head
Torso - Muskrat
Waist, Legs - Mutt

Hat - Crosshair
Rifle - Marauder Inc.
Backpack - Low-Light (accessory pack version)

In the 80s, Hasbro basically used "Navy SEAL" as a synonym for "combat diver" when releasing figures. But of course SEALs are far more than just divers, so our vintage divers Torpedo and Wet-Suit need land versions as well. If he was included in the invasion of Springfield in issue #49 of the Marvel comic, Wet-Suit would have certainly been included with Torpedo on the Assault Team along with the likes of Stalker, Snake-Eyes and Beachhead, because they were "the fastest, the sneakiest and fight the dirtiest!" Wet-Suit was one of the few Joes who missed out on the invasion, he must have been on leave after the events on Cobra Island that took place a few issues before. I chose the torso and arms of this figure because they work together without needing any paint.

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