Head - Airborne
Arms, Torso - Rip Cord
Waist, Legs - Sgt Slaughter v2

Hat - Crosshair
Submachine gun - Fodder, with suppressor from Marauder Inc.
Backpack - unknown
Claymore mine - Recoil

In the 80s, Hasbro basically used "Navy SEAL" as a synonym for "combat diver" when releasing figures. But of course SEALs are far more than just divers, so our vintage divers Torpedo and Wet-Suit need land versions as well. Larry Hama understood what SEALs are capable of, and in issue #49 of the comic (the invasion of Springfield), Torpedo was included in the Assault Team along with the likes of Stalker, Snake-Eyes and Beachhead because they were "the fastest, the sneakiest and fight the dirtiest!" Torpedo was shown in generic battle dress, which I've tried to represent here. The colours and camo patterns of Rip Cord and Sgt. Slaughter v2 match extremely well, so the only painting I did was the gloves and boots.

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