Head - Wild Bill v2
Arms, Torso, Waist, Legs - Windmill

Helmet - Maraunder Inc.
Pistol - Wild Bill v5

Windmill was my first completed custom of 2017. I had previously done a repaint of Skidmark, inspired by his appearance in issue #72 of the comic, ridding the figure of its garish orange vest. Windmill also made his first appearance in that issue, and if there was ever a GI Joe figure in need of a repaint, it would have to be the bright orange- and neon-green pilot of the Skystorm. Windmill must be the only figure for which Funskool actually did more paint apps than Hasbro, and used better colours as well.

I think you can see here that this is another example of a pretty good sculpt hidden beneath terrible colours. Give him some nice reserved blue and brown, similar to the comic and he makes a perfectly acceptable Joe figure. I did switch out the head (modified 1992 Wild Bill), again to better match his comic appearance. His original head is, let's face it, pretty goofy thanks to a ridiculous-looking helmet. Instead I gave him a realistic flight helmet from Marauder Inc., painted to resemble the original I did the red stripe freehand, and I'm surprised how well it turned out.

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