Head - custom cast (Billy)
Arms - Frostbite v3
Torso, waist, lower legs - custom cast
Upper legs - Chief Torpedo

Submachine gun - Lanard Corps

Onslaught is an original character, built around the head. It's a custom cast of Cobra Commander's son Billy, and I picked up several of them to use. This particular head has a small casting flaw, a small groove running down the left cheek onto the neck. Instead of trying to cover that up, I turned it into a visible scar. I left the face unpainted intentionally, this character has a very pale complexion to make him a little extra creepy. Most of the other parts are cast from a Livevil sculpt (Cobra beret trooper), except the arms and upper legs.

"Onslaught is a slippery one. Some in the know call him the 'Ghost of the Battlefield' due to his pallor and his elusiveness, he seems to disappear from the middle of battle as soon as things start going against him. He doesn't like to engage directly, but is very crafty in using his troops to good effect without exposing himself to any danger. One of the more aggressive cowards you'll ever meet."

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