Head - Sky Patrol Airborne
Arms - Snake-Eyes v4 modified
Torso - Wet-Suit
Waist, upper legs - Bazooka v3
Lower legs - Thrasher modified

Rifle, cap, goggles - Marauder Inc.

Mariner comes from the Devil's Due run of comics, introduced as one of five new Joes along with Barrel Roll, Depth Charge, Hacker and Mayday. The first three saw figures released in the New Sculpt era (I've previously posted an ARAH version of Depth Charge), but Mariner and Mayday never did. So this is Mariner. The leg selection was obvious - the teal camo of Bazooka v3's pants actually makes some sense for an amphibious trooper. The hat and goggles are from Marauder Inc., I love their ball caps because they're so flexible.

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