Head: SDCC IDW Revolutions Action Man
Body: Star Wars Black Series Force Awakens Finn
Coat: Funko Tien Peaks' Dale Cooper
Arms: Dale Cooper modified with Finn's elbow joint
Feet: RoC Storm Shadow
Boombox: SDCC Epic Conclusion Blaster
Car: TF Action Masters Turbo Racer

Months ago I asked Hypno Hustler to pick up a set of the Funko Twin Peaks figures when they hit clearance. Cheap civilian custom fodder is in short supply these days. Well, he gave me two for the price of one. So on the eventual drive home I started thinking about what I could do with the parts. A secret agent jumped to mind right off the bat, but I'd rather wait to modify an MTF agent for that. Having recently seen someone wearing the Sound Wave/Say Anything mashup t-shirt I decided I needed a Lloyd Dobler. My idea was to create the t-shirt, but then I remembered I had TF Blaster from the SDCC set. Now I keep hearing Peter Gabriel singing In Your Eyes.

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