Head - Heavy Duty v2
Arms, waist, legs - Skidmark
Torso (front) - Mutt
Torso (back) - Buzzer

Ice axe - Alpine
Machine gun - Marauder Inc.
Belt - Cross Hair
Backpack - Chap Mei

This custom is an ARAH version of the Sigma Six character Sgt. Boulder, who serves as a GI Joe mountain scout. I love me some Skidmark arms. I've used them in numerous customs already, and I thought it would add a little character to Boulder. The original figure just wore a plain shirt, but I used a torso with a tac vest so it would be more interesting. This figure actually uses front and back torso pieces from two different figures. It was a while ago, but if I remember correctly, what happened was that the screw hole cracked in the back piece, but I still wanted to use the front and didn't have another Mutt torso available, so I found another back that fit relatively well and then trimmed it down as needed.

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