All parts - Ripcord

Helmet - Ripcord (accessory pack version)
Rifle - Low-Light

This custom in inspired by the Brazilian-exclusive "Forca Naja" figure of the same name. Unlike my Gatilho custom, I didn't see any need to alter the paint scheme, though I did switch out the helmet to make sure that it would actually fit on the head. And I did use a darker shade for the hair colour, just so he wasn't an exact replica of Ripcord.

Here is a translation of his Brazilian file card - interesting to note that he was originally a member of Tiger Force because turning traitor:

After amazing crowds with his dangerous and daring "Globe of Death" motorcycle routine, the young Lightning was the star of the show, able to land on a moving target going 200 km/h! After enlisting, he was quickly assigned to the GI Joe Tiger Force team. But as quick as lightning, he was caught in the enemy snares and swayed to their side. Revealed as a traitor, he was expelled from Tiger Force. He now serves as part of the terrible Python Patrol - Cobra's elite troop for missions that require superhuman ability. When the thundering roar of his motorcycle is heard, Tiger Force needs to think fast, because lightning strikes without warning!

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