Head: McFarlane Executioner
Body: MU Drax
Apron: Dexter
Axe 1: McFarlane Executioner on Storm Shadow staff
Axe 2: Fantasy axe and handle from Corps Fire Fighter pike pole
Cleaver: McFarlane figure
Bone Saw: Dexter
Chainsaw: Cast

The Butcher, a towering mountain of a man. He carries with him a selection of brutal bladed weapons; meat cleavers, bone saws, battle axes. He looks more like a medieval executioner then a butcher, black executioner mask, giant axes, and unnerving willingness to slaughter the dead and living alike.

Executioner. That is a good description of what he truly is. He executes the undead and any living who would pose a threat to his traveling companions and himself. He is stoic in his existence and reserved with his words. He claims he was a butcher prior to the outbreak and his skills with a blade lead us to believe him.

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