Head: Snake Eyes (v2) 1985 (modified)
Torso: Quick Kick (v1) 1985 (modifief)
Arms: Backblast (v1) 1989
Waist: Duke (v8) 2000
Legs: Night Creeper (v1) 1990

Timber: Modified Schleich Husky
Custom weapon is made from Snake Eye's (v3) sword, some generic sais, a wooden skewer and some string.

Being a black belt in at least 12 different fighting systems and trained by The Arashikage Clan in Japan, THE SILENT MASTER has mastered all the martial art techniques this last Japanese ninja clan has to offer. Not only is he highly skilled in using a multitude of edged weapons such as different Japanese swords, he's just as familiar with all NATO and Warsaw Pact small arms, semi-automatic firearms and explosives... and very willing to use them!

In his mission days, THE SILENT MASTER functioned as a one-man army, capable of performing every task ahead. Now THE SILENT MASTER lives a modest life of strict self-denial and seclusion in the High Sierras, accompanied by his loyal wolf TIMBER. Together with his "brother" THE YOUNG MASTER, he plans on rebuild the The Arashikage Clan to its former glory and legendary status. Only a few exceptional talented fighters have been chosen to be THE SILENT MASTER's apprentices, but you can bet that every single one of them, will be among the best warriors you'll ever encounter in your life!

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