Head: MU Professor X, modded
Body - DC Multiverse Mr. Freeze
Feet - ROC Heavy Duty?

Plus lots of kibble

I keep tweaking this character and his figure set, because it's the main character in my sci-fi story lines, and every time I discover a new technique or new accessory, I like to refine this figure even more so.

This is Series 05, and for the most part each series builds off of, and many times recycles prior parts. Since Series 04, I've been building around HACKS parts, and incorporating HACKS internal hardware into and around parts from other lines to both diversify looks, and also to add near total swappability between figures. There are a few exceptions, with specialty suits where swaps aren't needed or practical. This figure is one such exception.

There's really no reason to change parts with a complete suit figure like this, so the HACKS element is lacking here. Nevertheless, the Mr. Freeze figure is a great base for a deep space exploration suit. There's also no real reason to swap the head out from inside at this point either.

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