Head, arms: NS Ace
Torso: NS Tunnel Rat
Waist: NS Frostbite
Legs: NS Wild Bill
Helmet: 25A Law


I cringe when Hasbro tries to pass head-to-toe repaints off as new characters. Hasbro released Thunderwing in 1998, cannibalizing Thunder so badly that they only added "wing" to the name. Not even a new head and barely a new name.

Here I'm using NS parts to give the character a similar feel to its ARAH body, but with different parts. The parts create a short figure, equivalent to a man about 5'7" or so, but built like a tank anyway.

Thunder's visor/antenna combo was too character-specific to give to Thunderwing.


Based on the '98 figure.


The collar was added to the neck. The thigh screw insets were epoxied smooth.

Thanks for looking.

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