Head, torso, waist, legs - Dusty v5
Arms - Low-Light v5

Parachute pack - AVAC
Rifle - Cobra Commander v13
Knife - Low-Light v3

This is Ruslan, a member of the Oktober Guard. I took the name from the Devil's Due comics, but that's the only thing that came from the comic - the design and character concept are completely original. I figure he's Ukrainian and a member of the VDV (Vozdushno-desntnye vosyak Rossii), Soviet airborne troops who wear blue berets (Belarus and Ukraine both had a division of airborne troops). I think this figure is some of my best work. I'm particularly pleased with how the camo on this one turned out, I based it on a Soviet pattern I found online somewhere. I use Ruslan as his codename, not his given name, by the way. It's the Slavic version of the name Aslan, which means "lion."

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