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Entire Body: Chief Torpedo
- Helmet: Burnout
- Webbing: Dusty v8
- Belt: Burnout
- Weapon: B.A.T. v3

Drop*-Vipers are the vanguard for Cobra's assaults, whether for a lightning commando raid or an airborne/airmobile/maritime assault. DV's are the first into a potential combat zone and may be para-dropped, rappelled-in, or inserted via air-launched or maritime landing craft. Highly self-sufficient and operating in small teams, upon insertion they "prepare the battlefield." This could include anything from clearing the drop-zone/landing-zone, conducting deep reconnaissance or assembling forward headquarters.

Drop-Vipers are required to complete the intensive Scout-Viper advanced reconnaissance course. Then they are cross-trained as Eels, Cobra Marines, airborne and air-assault troops. They are fully versed in tactical communications systems and basic combat engineering. DV's are unquestionably the elite special operations troops of Cobra's Legions: They can do anything! But Cobra Officers (and Accountants) grit their teeth when DV's go in and they are always pulled out once the initial assault begins... because they are phenomenally expensive to train! Were they cheaper, Cobra would have an army of them... and if there were an army of them, they would be virtually unstoppable!

"Our motto may be 'First In, First Out' but if you can earn your way into Drop-Vipers, you'll have earned getting in and out of the combat zone before any mistakes start happening."

*Deep Reconnaissance Operations Pathfinders

**Special thanks to Raptor for the name and ideas for this troop's speciality

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