Head and torso: MTF
Lower torso: Retaliation Lady Jaye
Legs: ROC Helix
Vest: MTF
Belt and holster: 50th Hawk

Scarlet is a figure I never had as a kid. She was portrayed so differently between the comic book and the cartoon that she never appealed to me. Her G1 figure seemed so impractical and I don't think that there has been a decent head sculpt made to do her justice. I combined two MTF heads, a long haired and a French braid that I sculpted together. I had an extra MTF Valkyrie torso but no lower torso. I molded it to a Retaliation Lady Jaye lower torso. After seeing Craig Friscopp's incredible female customs, I decided to use Helix legs and a 50th Hawk belt and holster.

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