Head: Sgt. Slaughter (v4)
Torso: Gnawgahyde (v1) - modified
Arms: Sgt Slaughter (v3)
Waist: Shipwreck (v1) - modified
Legs: Red Dog (v1)

When G.I. JOE's TIGER FORCE was called up for their first highly dangerous and top-secret mission in the remote jungle, it took a very unusual kind of drill instructor to get the team up and ready. First SGT. SLAUGHTER had to prepare himself for the task ahead. He ordered DUKE to drop him from a plane, right into the middle of the Brazilian jungle, armed only with a pocket knife, two small candles and some string. After three weeks of radio silence, SGT. SLAUGHTER used a discarded COBRA radio installation to signal his location, so a special team got to recover him.

The members of TIGER FORCE will never forget the training that prepared them for the missions to come. SGT. SLAUGHTER clearly was a changed man after his journey! Up till this day, no one knows how he managed to kill the jaguar that supplied the teeth for his necklace, but some say he definitely used both candles to pull that one off.

This was another Sgt. Slaughter custom I made as a commission. Knowing he liked my Night Force version very much, I decided to go with a similar theme and go for a vest and a big muscular torso. I think it's a powerfull portrait of The Sarge!

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