Head: Marvel Universe Hydro-Man with sculpting
Torso: Retaliation Storm Shadow
Upper arms: Dollar General Storm Shadow
Lower left arm: Mace Windu
Lower right arm: Thunderbirds Go
Hands: ?
Legs: 50th Snow Job
Robe: Senator Valorum and Ghost Rider collar
Sash: Sugru sculpting material
Melty stick: Legos

I'd joked about sticking a Jurassic Park Ian Malcolm head on a Last Jedi Snoke figure to make an LBC Grandmaster. And that is where I tried to start with this until I a) saw how bad the Malcolm headsculpts were and b) how much the 5 PoA Snoke figures are going for. So I started piecing together a custom that could stand next to the Ragnarok Thor figure and look like they belong with each other. I know the likeness isn't perfect, but there is no good way to capture the Jeff Golblum whimsical magic. Thanks to Kilcarr, there was an attempt to match the crazy hair.

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