Head, battle mask: Retaliation Ultimate Cobra Commander
Helmet: PoC Cobra Trooper
Torso, upper arms: DG Cobra Commander
Lower arms: 25th Cobra Commander
Upper legs: Retaliation Kamakura
Lower legs: 25th IG Destro (2x left leg)
Feet: 25th Viper

I had a few issues of the old Marvel comic when I was a kid. Since I only had a few, I read and reread them often. My first issue was #5. It had everything a kid could want - lots of action, a tank, and a surprise ending. One of the pages that fascinated me included panels showing Cobra Commander sitting on his throne and shooting at wooden cutouts of the Joes. I remember thinking that Cobra Commander did not do that in the Sunbow cartoon (the version of GI Joe that I knew). Those panels stuck with me.

While putting together my Scarface custom, I started re-reading several issues of the old comic and came upon issue 5. For some reason, I had never noticed how different Cobra Commander looked in the early issues next to his toy counterpart. It's not something I would have noticed when I was a kid and we have gotten official figures of that look since then. Dollar General Cobra Commander is a good approximation of that early look, so I started there. I updated the gloves and changed the legs. I also gave him battle helmet head since he uses both his hood and his helmet in early issues. Lastly, I gave him his automatic pistol.

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