Helmet: 25th Eels
Lower arms: 25th Cobra Flint
Lower legs: 25th Viper
Everything else: 25th Wet-Suit

I mostly remember Wet-Suit from the Sunbow cartoon. He and Leatherneck were always bickering during season 2 and they both stood out to me. The 25th figure was released at the very end of the line in the Joe 7-pack. Originally, the figure was slated to be released as a diver version of Resolute Duke. However, as the line wound down to be replaced by the Rise of Cobra, Hasbro repainted and repacked the figure and he became Wet-Suit.

As a figure, it had some points in common with the original figure, but it could be improved. For my version, I simply repeated what several customizers have already done. Most of the changes involve simple part swaps. The helmet is repainted from the Eel. It is not a perfect representation of the original's, but it works well in my opinion.

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