Head - Krexx Radek custom sculpt
Arms - Torpedo (modified)
Torso - Baroness (modified)
Waist - Roadblock v4 (modified)
Upper legs - Ardalla (Mego Buck Rogers)
Lower legs - Major Bludd (modified)

Backpack - Airborne
Rifle - Duke v11

The Oktober Guard's Daina appeared as a member of GI Joe in the Devil's Due run of comics, being introduced alongside Depth Charge, Mariner and Mayday among others. They call her Vorona in the book, but this is actually a Russian word (meaning "crow"), while Daina is Czech. Czech for crow would be Vrana, so that's a better codename for her, assuming you don't want to use Volga, which is the name used in a Hasbro release of the character in the late 90s, or simply Daina as she is usually known.

This custom is inspired by the Devil's Due design. Most of the parts used were modified at least a bit: the torso was smoothed down, the arms had the biceps sanded down, the lower legs had kneepads added, and the waist's, shall we say, "bulge" was taken down quite a bit, since Roadblock presumably carries quite a bit more tackle than Daina does, so to speak.

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