Head - Galoob Unifighters
Arms - Roadblock v4
Torso - Snake Eyes v2
Waist - Action Soldier
Legs - Pathfinder

Hat, anti-material rifle - Marauder Inc.
Assault rifle - BAT v3
Backpack - Chap Mei

Desert Wolf is a custom inspired by the Sigma Six figure released near the end of the run of that series. He's a Ranger specializing in desert operations, and according to G.I.Joe vs. Cobra: The Essential Guide his file name is Lance M. Langdon, something that is not included with the toy itself. The original figure is fairly plain in appearance, focusing mostly on the accessories. The two rifles I gave the ARAH version (Barrett M82 anti-material rifle and Vector CR-21 assault rifle) are consistent with the original, and I maintained a pretty simple look for the figure as well.

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