Head - Bazooka
Arms, torso, legs - Footloose
Waist - Snow Job

Helmet - Bazooka
Backpack - Repeater
Rifle - Barrel Roll
Binoculars - Sneak Peek
Radio - Firefly v4

In the UK's Action Force comics, Footloose had already played a prominent part in the series before his first American appearance in the comics was reprinted across the sea. Since the American version of Footloose's character was quite a bit different from the UK version, they simply renamed the character in the reprint, calling him Longslide. So the inspiration for this custom is doing the same thing in reverse: it's based on the UK version of the character, but using the replacement name instead. Most of the figure is from Footloose, but I used a Snow Job waist since I didn't have a Footloose one available, and I used Bazooka's head (painted and slightly modified) so that he wouldn't just look like Footloose in a different colour scheme. This led me to use Bazooka's helmet as well, to make sure it has a proper fit on the head. Ironically, when I then looked at his first appearance in the UK comic (see pic), it's clear that he's wearing Bazooka's helmet in the book as well, and did so in several other appearances as well. The UK version of Footloose was often used in a reconnaissance and surveillance role, so that's what Longslide's specialty is as well.

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