Head - custom sculpt (Krexx Radek)
Arms - Snake Eyes v5
Torso - Snake Eyes v4
Waist - Road Pig
Upper legs - Snake Eyes v2
Lower legs - Sneak Peek

Submachine gun - unknown
Sword - Snake Eyes v2
Tekko-kagi - Storm Shadow v2

Near the end of the ARAH line, someone at Hasbro decided that articulation wasn't really that important in GI Joe figures, despite that being one of their biggest selling points. This thinking resulted in, for example, Ninja Force Snake Eyes in 1993. The design of the figure (artistic, rather than mechanical) was not bad at all, so this custom is intended to give us something like this figure in a solid ARAH format. I used a grey-blue for the highlights instead of the original's bright blue, so it's something like a combination of the Ninja Force colours and the grey of the classic version 2.

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