Head - Balrog (Street Fighter)
Arms - Slipstream
Torso, waist - Viper
Legs - Dodger v2

Rifle - Marauder Inc.
Backpack - Low-Light

Tombstone was a new character released in 2016 by Hasbro, and this custom is an ARAH figure inspired by that release. Most of the work came with the head, which is from a Street Fighter Balrog figure. I shaved off the hair, and gave him a scar over his right eye like the original. I also removed some of his right ear, from the same incident that gave him the scar, and made the right eye milky white instead of shut because it's more dramatic. All it took was a sharp knife, some paint and some patience. I included a close-up pic of the head for reference.

This figure was also a good excuse to use lots of Model Master flat black acrylic paint, which is the greatest paint I have ever worked with. It applies super smooth, is very easy to work with, gives excellent coverage even with one coat, and dries really fast. It's far superior to the Tamiya black paint I used to use, and now I use it at every opportunity.

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