Head, legs - Storm Shadow
Arms - Rayden (Mortal Kombat)
Torso - Hardball
Waist - Ryu (Street Fighter)

Accessories - Storm Shadow

This custom is part of my tribute to the classic Marvel comic issue #21, Silent Interlude, which featured the first appearances of Storm Shadow and the Red Ninjas (and the CLAW to boot). In order to shoot an homage pic to this issue (with Storm Shadow holding Scarlett hostage, Snake-Eyes adopting a Cobra trooper uniform as a disguise, and him being pursued by Red Ninjas) I needed custom versions of Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow, since I had previously done a custom Red Ninja. In Storm Shadow's very first comic appearance, he is wearing an all-white outfit, presumably just for travelling since later in the issue he's seen in his action figure getup. I painted his sword blades with chrome ink to make them pop.

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