All parts - Nullifier

Rifle - Dee-Jay

It's well-known that the Nullifier figure that was released as part of the Iron Grenadiers was originally designed to be a member of Cobra-La, but was reassigned to Destro when the latter subteam was discontinued. Since I've done several new Cobra-La figures, I wanted to return the Nullifier to its roots and make them servants of Golobulus. This will require making a new pilot for Destro's AGP, of course, which I'll do at some point. I gave himi Dee-Jay's gun, which looks like it might have been intended to be Cobra-La as well based on some of the texture on it and the general design. It's a pretty lame Joe weapon, but in the hands of Cobra-La it works. I painted it and drilled out the end of the barrel as well for a little extra detail. File card info is below:

Cobra-La Nullifiers are selected from the surgically-enhanced Royal Guards by Golobulus himself, and are further enhanced to serve as the front line of his armies. Instead of skin, they have an adaptive organic carapace, and weat chitinous reactive armor which makes them impervious to any man-portable ordnance, and highly-resistant to smaller artillery rounds as well. They are intimidating as they march inexhorably forward, but due to their limited mental capacity, are more or less limited to commands of "advance" and "stop."

"Golobulus doesn't have many Nullifiers among his forces, but since they're nearly invulnerable he really don't need many. Pit a handful of them against most conventional forces, and they're going to be the ones still standing at the end of it all. You really need tactics and subterfuge to beat them - in a straight fight, they're going to win every time."

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