Head, torso - custom-cast (by Oli GF)
Arms, waist, upper legs - Royal Guard
Lower legs - Croc Master

Helmet - custom-cast
Pistol - Cobra Commander

The basis of this figure is a custom-cast set of parts intended to be Cobra Commander transformed into Cobra-La snake form from the movie. Since that doesn't fit in my Joeverse (CC is the comic version, not the cartoon one), I wanted to find an alternate use for the parts. Since I've been doing a number of Cobra-La figures anyway, I used most of the parts to make Lashor, the Royal Guard Commander. His formal title is Seneschal Excelsior, a name selected to be reminiscent of Nemesis Enforcer while reflecting this character's high-ranking position. I also thought that "Seneschal Excelsior" would sound awesome spoken by Burgess Meredith.

Lashor is the second-in-command to Golobulus, the ruler of Cobra-La, and controls the mighty Royal Guards, who while mighty in battle and always in desperate need of leadership. Lashor possesses a sharp mind and is a formidable combatant to boot, incredibly strong and agile and always eager to enter a fight to please his master. His skin is impervious to small-arms fire, his bite is venomous and he is able to regenerate lost body parts.

"Lashor was born in Natal Pods of a rival clan to Golobulus. When the nearly-immortal serpent king destroyed his rivals once and for all, a young Lashor was happy to change his allegiance, and has since proved his loyalty to Golobulus on many occasions, allowing him to rise through the ranks to the very top. Some say he still only shows loyalty because he's ultimately a coward and fears the power of the emperor."

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