Head: Marauder MTF
Torso, upper arms, lower legs: RoC Neo Viper
Lower arms: RoC Snake Eyes
Upper legs: RoC Ripcord

''Fearlessly, the mighty U.S. 369th Infantry led the nation's greatest Black Army into battle. They fought in WWI and WWII and they never lost. There have been no warriors their equal until today! Today, we have the Bronze Bombers™! Today they defend the country against P.S.B. enemy squad. These highly skilled combatants stand for justice and they never lose!" - From 1988 card back

The Bronze Bombers was a short-lived toy line produced by Olmec. Two "waves" were produced. The first one, released in 1988, consisted of a dozen different figures and 2 small vehicles. The figures had similar molds to Galoob's A-Team figures from the early '80s and were of lesser quality. In 1997, Olmec acquired several GI Joe molds from Hasbro and produced a 12 figure boxset consisting of recolored vehicle drivers like Motor-Viper, Skidmark, Darklon and Strato-Viper. A year later, Olmec filled for bankruptcy and Bronze Bombers line disappeared.

Suppressor X was a one-day custom. I tried to build him with only black parts so I only had the tan details and the bronze highlights (that are a common feature on all my Bronze Bombers) left to do.

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