All parts - Col. Courage

Carbine - Marauder Inc.
Machete - Col. Courage
Backpack - Mercer

Col. Courage is a good mold from 1993, but needs some paint upgrades to remove the neon green highlights that plague it. So this custom is a simple paint touch-up, with new accessories as well. I have omitted the "Col." from his code name, since including rank in the code name doesn't make sense. On his next promotion, would he then be called "Brigadier General Courage?" Doesn't exactly roll off the tongue, does it?

Speaking of names, the character's file name is Cliff V. Mewett, which is identical to the file name of Airwave of the Sky Patrol, released three years earlier in 1990. It's strange that Hasbro would re-use a file name like this, especially given that the name does not appear to refer to a real-life person that might have inspired it. So in my Joeverse, Courage's file name is Victor C. Mewett instead.

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