Head, torso, waist - cast of LIVEVIL sculpt
Upper arms, legs - cast of Storm Shadow parts
Lower arms - Storm Shadow

Backpack - Storm Shadow
Bow - Storm Shadow v21
Swords - Jinx, Storm Shadow (Black Major reproduction)

I acquired a Storm Shadow custom kit with a cast of LIVEVIL's scupt of the character, but I wanted to make the resulting figure more than just Storm Shadow v1 with a new head (not that there would be anything wrong with that). So I gave him an Arashikage sigil from Toyhax.com instead of a Cobra symbol, and used red for his sash and wrist and legs wraps to make him stand out from the original. This is either Storm Shadow just before he joined Cobra, or perhaps when he would take on clan missions on the side while working for Cobra Commander. I also upgraded his weapons to make them a bit more substantial than his original accessories - note that I modified the bow so that still attaches to his backpack as it should. Which is to say, I drilled a small hole into the bow.

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