Heads - Cobra Commander (modified), Cobra Commander v18
Arms - WORMS (modified)
Torso - Crimson Guard v3 (modified)
Waist - Windchill (modified)
Upper legs - Action Soldier (modified)
Lower legs - Crystal Ball

Pistol - unknown

For the first 16 issues of the Marvel comic, Cobra Commander had a unique appearance that was not based on his action figure outfit, which first appeared in #18. He also appeared this way in the ubiquitous comic book ad for the 1983 Atari 2600 game GI Joe: Cobra Strikes. This custom is inspired by that appearance. The Talking Battle Commander version of CC was probably based on this outfit, with high boots and aiguillettes on the shoulder. But it still has some significant differences from the comic, so I wanted to make a more accurate version. In the comic, CC alternates between hood and helmet in this outfit, so I included both heads with this custom. This one required a lot of little modifications, such as trimming down the front of the knees to match the lower legs, trimming down the collar, removing the chest insignia, slimming down the arms, and working on the inside of the waist and bottom of the torso to improve the fit.

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