Head - Grunt
All other parts - Rock 'n Roll

Helmet, backpack - Grunt (accessory pack version)
Submachine gun - Stalker

Shimik is one of the famous Argentinian-exclusive figures released in that country in the late 1980s. He was a recolour of Rock 'n Roll with Grunt's head, so that's the route I went, though I didn't try to replicate the original exactly. For those not familiar with the character, here's a translation of his filecard from the original Spanish:

"There's nothing that makes Cobra Commander more nervous than hearing the name of Shimik, alias Cat Eyes. The only thing sharper than his eyes is his mind. No matter how the Cobras try to hide, Shimik ferrets out their position and provides the Resolute Commandos with their position. Although often equipped with night vision goggles, Shimik prefers to face Cobras using only his own "cat eyes" and his natural stealthy nature."

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