Head, torso, waist, legs - Breaker
Arms - Grunt

Backpack - Grunt (accessory pack version)
Rifle - Cobra Trooper v2
Radio - Firefly (accessory pack version)

Topson is one of the famous Argentinian-exclusive figures released in that country in the late 1980s. I held pretty closely to the original version, using the same parts. For those not familiar with the character, here's a translation of his filecard from the original Spanish:

"The Resolute Commandos know that any interruption of communication between them can cause their operations to fail, and thus be at the mercy of Cobra. Because of this, they searched tirelessly to solve the acute problem of being cut off, and they found Topson, a true electronic genius and creator of communications systems, who has proved to be the only one able to break through Cobra's systems of jamming and electronic countermeasures. Topson is the master communications engineer and instructor of the Resolute Commandos."

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