Head - Crankcase
Arms, torso, waist - Cutter v3
Legs - Muskrat

Cap, submachine gun, flashlight - Marauder Inc.

The Sea Devils are my first attempt at a full subteam for GI Joe. It came about when I did a new custom of the Devil's Due version of Shipwreck. I mixed a nice blue colour for his sweater and hat (a mix of basic blue and intermediate blue), but I made way too much of it. It's such a pleasant colour that I decided to build a whole team around it, and the natural theme (both based on the colour and that Shipwreck would be a member) was water. So I came up with the Sea Devils, a Joe team that specializes in amphibious, littoral and riverine operations. Unlike existing subteams, I wanted to do a significant proportion of new characters to go along with the existing Joes who fit in with the idea, and use a relatively consistent colour scheme involving the Shipwreck blue, intermediate blue, and light and medium gray.

Since the Sea Devils operate in coastal waters, having the Joes' only Coast Guard representative on the team was an obvious choice. He's mostly a repaint of Cutter v3, but I replaced his head with Crankcase in order to give him a removable cap, and I switched out the legs for a bit of variety as well.

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