Head - Resolute Duke
Upper Body - Kwinn
Legs - Resolute Duke
Backpack - Steel Brigade
Holster - Retaliation Firefly
Binoculars - 1983 ARAH Duke

In my Joeverse, Duke is the rank of Captain and is the acting Field Commander.

I think there are just too many great parts (as seen by so many awesome 50th-style Duke customs) for Hasbro to choose from to make an "ultimate" 50th Duke, that there just isn't any excuse why we don't have one.

I remember as a kid, Duke was first introduced in the cartoon just out of no where! By the time the first mini-series was released, none of my friends, nor I, had even seen the mail-away offer for Duke. So, we were all just sort of blind sided by the fact that in the cartoon there was this guy named Duke leading the team, and not Hawk.

So, it kind of built up the anticipation of buying the action figure when we finally found the carded version in stores.

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