Head - Lanard The Corps!
Arms - Duke v4
Torso - Low-Light
Waist, legs - Outback

Flashlight - Outback
Backpack - Cobra Trooper
Machine gun - unknown
Pistol - Beach Head v5

The Sea Devils are my first attempt at a full subteam for GI Joe. It came about when I did a new custom of the Devil's Due version of Shipwreck. I mixed a nice blue colour for his sweater and hat (a mix of basic blue and intermediate blue), but I made way too much of it. It's such a pleasant colour that I decided to build a whole team around it, and the natural theme (both based on the colour and that Shipwreck would be a member) was water. So I came up with the Sea Devils, a Joe team that specializes in amphibious, littoral and riverine operations. Unlike existing subteams, I wanted to do a significant proportion of new characters to go along with the existing Joes who fit in with the idea, and use a relatively consistent colour scheme involving the Shipwreck blue, intermediate blue, and light and medium gray.

Seaspray is an original character, I had always wanted to use this Corps head as some sort of commando character, and this was a good opporunity. His filecard information is below.

File Name: Trang, Stephen X.
Birthplace: San Diego, CA
Service Branch: Marines
Grade: E-5 (Sgt)
Primary MOS: Critical Skills Operator
Secondary MOS: Rifleman

"Seaspray is happy as a clam on the waves, but then when he gets to the beach and enters the firefight, he's like a bomb going off. It's like he figures the faster he gets the job done, the faster he can get back on the water."

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