Head: Gnawgahyde
Torso: Road Pig
Arms: Sagat(modified to fit the torso)
Waist: Metal-Head
Legs: Big Boa

Head: Ambush
Torso: Guile
Arms: Big Boa
Waist: Metal-Head
Legs: Big Boa

The head sculpts for Gnawgahyde and Ambush reminded me of the old time strongmen due to the facial hair, so that's what I took inspiration from in creating these figures. I had to modify the Sagat arms and make new nubs for them to fit the torso for Brawny. I made a flesh color to paint the figures anywhere skin would be exposed. I painted on the outfits that old time strong men would wear based on my research. I made the weights with plastic q-tips that had the cotton removed and rubber balls which I painted.

These brothers were featured as sideshow strongmen for a traveling circus. They had spent their entire life in the Circus as they were orphans and were raised by the headmaster of their circus. After years of abuse they couldn't take it anymore, they attacked the headmaster (who had a great public image) and broke him in half. Wanted by authorities, they fled into the woods where they met up with the Dreadnoks. They were charmed by Zartan and he assured them they would fit in and wouldn't be viewed as sideshow freaks. In reality Zartan just manipulated them into taking orders from another headmaster in Zartan himself.

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