Head. Balrog (street fighter)
Chest. Guile night fighter (movie)
Arms. Heavy Dusty v1 modifled
Waist. Tunnel Rat v1
Thighs. Leatherneck v4
Feet. Thunder v1

Helmet. Duke v8
Backpack. Dusty v4
Rifle. Duke v11

Pallon was welcomed in to the Joe's after saving the live of Clutch after the vamp he was in had a direct hit Clutch was stock & couldn't get out Pallon was creeping up be hide a Viper when both was blown off there feet when the Vamp was hit. As Pallon & the Viper got into a fist fight which lasted for ten minutes in the end Pallon came on top & shot the viper in the head then pulled Clutch out of the burning Vamp to a safe distance be fore the vamp blow up.

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