Everything: '87 Ice Viper

Red Alert, Red Alert, Red Alert! Cobra has once again reared its ugly hood and a new breed of GI Joe specialist is all that stands between the evil terrorist organization and their renewed quest for world domination. A routine training mission is cut short, and squad leader Vanguard and his team of rawhides are thrust into battle against Cobra's newest and most dangerous operatives

With all new vehicles, figures and accessories GI Joe: Next Generation Warfare puts you in control of the battle. Collect them all and decide the fate of the world!

This was a fun figure to make, in that it was a simple repaint and I had a few spare Ice Vipers laying around to do a little army building, which is pretty much a must for Cobra customs I make.
See Bio below:

Altering the landscape of any battlefield providing Cobra a strategic advantage, Terra Vipers utilize a wide array excavating equipment, from a simple shovel to their highly sophisticated man-transportable Earth Borer with built in seismograph. They are avid students of geology and seismology. Earthquakes? Avalanches? Rock slides? What may seem like a natural phenomenon may really the dirty work of a Terra-Viper
"Most other Vipers don't give these guys the credit they're due. It's assumed they sit around all day polishing rocks. However, when Cobra is reinforcing their front line, it's the Terra Vipers out front digging trenches and dodging bullets. They are also experts in demolitions and carry enough explosives into the field and have the know-how to turn the 31st state into an island."

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