Head. Altitude (sky patrol)
Chest. Tracker v1 (heavily modified)
Arms. Tollbooth v1
Waist. Mercer v1
Left thigh. Snow Serpent v1
Right thigh. Dusty v2
Feet. Footloose v1

Laptop (Abel 'Breaker' Shaz)
Clipboards (check point alpha) using them like tablet/ iPads because it looks cool
Hand gun (unknown)

Code name. Transistor
File Name. Van-Herre, Dominic
P.M.S. Intelligence
S.M.S. Communications specialist
Birthplace. Richmond, Virginia
Grade. 0-1 (Commander)
S N. V98-H20-D0927

General Hawk keeps walking in on Dial-Tone & Mainframe playing video games on the base main computers so he went to NSA cyber division to meet Dominic because he is highly recommended by FBI, DEA, CIA, NCIS, MI5 & MI6 & others. Hawk & Dominic talked for over two hours by the end Hawk offered him a job as a communications commander as long he annoys Duke when he in the command centre Dominic laughed & said call me Transistor.

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