Head - Sci-Fi
Arms, torso, waist, legs - Barricade

Rifle - Red Spot

I had pieced the basics of this figure quite a while back, when I just starting to get into customizing Joes. It was just Sci-Fi's head on a Barricade body, which I thought produced a cyborg-looking figure. I started painting parts silver, but it just never really grabbed me and it went into the WIP pile with an uncertain future. Now with the Molotow Liquid Chrome pens available, I saw an opportunity to resurrect the project. The chrome ink gives the figure more of the look I was going for originally, I think. He's kind of a mashup of RoboCop, Robo-JOE and Super Trooper. Back in the day he would have been a mail-away exclusive. What kid doesn't want chromed figures? He could just as easily be a Captain Power figure, but I'm calling him a Joe.

File Name: Nathan, Spencer R.
Birthplace: Phoenix, AZ
Service Branch: Army
Grade: E-5 (SGT)
Primary MOS: Infantryman
Secondary MOS: Cryptologic Network Warfare Specialist

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