Head: Space Shot
Torso: Chuckles
Arms: Chuckles
Waist: Scoop
Legs: Tunnel Rat

Thomas Magnum, better known as Magnum P.I. is a private investigator out of Hawaii. He served in the Navy earlier in his life and while there made friends with Topside, Shipwreck, and Keel-Haul. After many years apart, Magnum met up with his friends at a reunion where they enlisted his help in tracking down Cobra Commander's son.

The making of: Space Shot has a sculpted collar that is painted white so I had to sand that off. His head reminded me of Tom Selleck which is the basis for me making the figure. I also had to sand off the knife and knife holder on the Tunnel Rat legs, and did a bit of sanding on Scoop's waist as well. The iconic image of Magnum P.I. is the red shirt, so painted around the designs Chuckles' shirt to make it red. And his shoes and belt were often a very light brown/tan color so that's what I went with. And to get the true look, I had to add chest hair of course.

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