Head, upper arms, thighs/knees, belt - 50th Zartan
Torso - ROC Beach Head
Lower arms - 50th Gen Hawk
Calves/boots - 25th Zartan

I really liked Zartan as a kid, but haven't been totally satisfied with any modern version. This customs borrows ideas from "the Odinson's" custom Zartan.

I had to Dremel and swap out the neck posts from Gen. Hawk. Otherwise, this was a simple parts swap with minimal painting on the pelvis and arms.

For his weapons/accessories I utilized items that embrace his complete persona from the Marvel comics series.

The custom Chameleon is based off Far Side Customs cool transparent Swamp Skier. The handlebars are from a SW Clone Wars Speeder Bike. The systems display is some kind of snap-on wrist communicator, I think from Valor v. Venom or Spy Troops.

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