Helmet & Upper Body: Vortious Customs
Legs: 50th Lift Ticket
Scarf: Avac's Lab

The helmet and upper body are custom red, resin casts from Vortious Customs. Since I knew I was painting this figure, I wanted the shoulder and elbow joints cast in red. The legs are from 50th Lift Ticket. I painted/dry brushed the entire figure in dark red. Painted the visor, vest, and belt black.
I Dremeled the top off of a head to the helmet could sit low enough. Then I just glued the helmet to the head.
I knew I didn't want to tackle painting the nav charts on his thighs, so I used some tablet decals from Marauders that look like cool navigational charts.
Finished the entire figure off with a coat of Testor's Dull Coat spray.

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